Consigning Your Car

Consigning Your Car

If you have an automobile that you are looking to market, let Paradise City Motors assist you through a Consignment solution. Paradise City Motors is open to purchasing vehicles from our clients. For further details concerning this and other company programs and information, please contact us by phone or by using the form at the bottom of the page.

By using the Paradise City Motors consignment services, you avoid the task of selling your car yourself and enjoy the benefit of our resources and experience. We will market your vehicle worldwide through various website solutions. We can also arrange to have your vehicle professionally detailed for my photography or a professional automotive photographer. Additionally, I will provide a secure and appropriate handling of all DMV paperwork and an itemized summary for all fees associated with the sale of your consigned vehicle.
In looking to maximize value for a consigned car, I ask that the owner bring or send all receipts, mechanical work completed, documents providing information on ownership history, tools, service work, and manuals. Paradise City Motors wants our consignors to keep the original title, but Paradise City Motors will need copies of the title and proof of insurance while the vehicle is for sale at our facility. Paradise City Motors has a liability policy to cover the consignor but does not carry comprehensive coverage on the cars for theft, fire, collision, or other damages and as such the seller should leave their insurance policy in force until the car is fully paid for by its new owner.

Paradise City Motors charges a percentage based on the sale price. Individual arrangements can be made for multiple vehicles. Our Vehicle listing charge all web media starts at $250.00. All additional website marketing listings for your consigned vehicle are marked up only 5% for credit card processing fees which I will incur. Continued marketing (web advertising) beyond the initial paid subscription term will be charged at face value plus a 5% for credit card processing fees which I will incur. Individual arrangements can be tailor made for your specific car.

Paradise City Motors Consignment fee schedule as follows:

  • Vehicles up to $35,000 – Paradise City Motors charges 15% consignment fee
  • Vehicles $35,001 to $75,000 – Paradise City Motors charges 10% consignment fee
  • Vehicles $75,001 to $125,000 – Paradise City Motors charges 8% consignment fee

Cars over $125,001 – Paradise City Motors charges 6% consignment feeTo start a dialogue with Paradise City Motors regarding the consignment sale or outright purchase of your vehicle, please fill out the Consignment or Purchase form located on this page and please be sure to provide as much descriptive detail and pictures as you can to illustrate the condition and value of your vehicle.

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