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Buying a Car for Paradise City Motors

Paradise City Motors inventory is always limited as I offer only the vehicles I find esthetically appealing, mechanically sound, and would feel proud to have my family ride in. You will nearly never see more than a handful of cars for sale at any given time through our facility as I want to ensure my customer experience is never compromised by having to meet a financial obligation with a bank which is why I minimize the use of banks in the purchase of cars my dealership owns.

Should you be out of the area and need the vehicle shipped, we are less than 90 minutes from the Port of Oakland and have prior significant experience shipping equipment to the Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. We can arrange transportation for a vehicle to any destination in North America or worldwide.


  • From the East coast by truck: $2000-2300 (Enclosed trailer)
  • From Los Angeles by truck $550-$650
  • From Seattle by truck $900-$1100


  • To/From the Port of Oakland to/from the main ports of Western Europe: $1500- $2300USD depending on shipper and service requested. Destination charges unloading, duty, and insurance are extra.

Please do note that fuel economics and seasonal conditions do affect freight costs and the above noted costs should be considered for your reference only. Actual costs “true” are only attainable near time of transportation knowing vehicle final destination.

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